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SE Jetsun Kushok Chimey Luding


Sister of HH Sakya Trizin, she is invoked as one of the three women in the history of the Sakyas who passed on the teachings of Lam Dre, and the first time she was only 16 years old! SE Jetsun Chime-la is said to be an emanation of Vajrayogini, the enlightened energy of liberation. But to those who know it well, it is like the earth itself, stable, unperturbed, free from the 8 worldly Dharmas, and a pure example of the fruits of constant practice in often very difficult circumstances.

After the death of their parents the two brothers were raised under the guidance of Thinley Zangmo, their aunt, she was an extraordinary woman, who oversaw their education, the city of the Sakyas and practiced practically all night. Jetsun Chime - herself, between family duties, work and as a spiritual guide, like her aunt, practicing during the dark hours of the night, often without sleep, said she rarely feels tired and never felt bored or lonely.

Mother of 4, she worked full-time for many years while continuing to provide help and guidance to her many disciples.

HH Sakya Trizin's elder sister, followed the same teachings and retreats as HH, and said in her own words: "His Holiness and I were always together, and wherever he went, I went too, I was always with him."

In 1973 SE and her family settled in Vancouver, Canada, where they still live and where Jetsun Chime-la founded the Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling Center and another center in Oakland.

For a long time Jetsun Chime-la has been planning to enter a Vajrayogini retreat for the rest of his days. He would also like to build a retreat center next to the place where he intends to retire in order to help and guide those who reside in the center. The Center will be called Kacho Ling, the name of Vajrayogini's pure field of activity.

It is a great opportunity for us, here in Italy, to have been able to meet a Lama of such a far-reaching female lineage, like that of SE Jetsun Chimey Luding, who on two occasions gave us the initiation of Vajrayogini and Hevajra. , the two main practices of the Sakya school.

We hope to see it again with us.

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