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Short retreat of Thun (practice) of Vajrapani Buthadamara

The retreat is recommended for all practitioners doing Yoga, Meditation or spiritual practice retreats, whether personal / individual or in the form of courses / in groups: Vajrapani Bhutadamara protects practitioners during their retreats from physical and mental interference and helps to bring successful completion of any in-depth spiritual research activity. The short practice retreat serves to realize the protective energy of Varjapani Bhutadamara and is open to all (the necessary empowerment will be given). Participation requires a registration fee and reimbursement of expenses for the presence of the Lama in addition to the usual individual offer to the Lama. It is necessary to participate in both days. For participants who come from afar we provide facilities to find accommodation nearby (Friday and Saturday evenings).

19-20 November 
Retreat House
Visit of  Gunna Tulku Lama Kalsang Rimpoche


My mind ... clear as a crystal


  Meditation Course in  Samatha and Vipassana 2 Friday evenings a month.

The course starts 7  October at  7.00 PM.

at  Sakya Center Ngon Ga Ling atTresanti, Montespertoli

with Jessica Martensson Ngawang Dolkar

Meditating is recognizing the deep nature of our mind and rejoicing in this state. It can also be done while walking, driving a car or shopping. It is a total, global presence of our person connected with what surrounds us.

In order to maintain this intense presence in our daily life it is important to cultivate and improve this recognition. We begin to do this on our pillow by meditating seated.

Meditation is our training, to never forget.

The Buddhist tradition has developed extraordinary methods of meditation, you can use them even if you don't feel "Buddhist". Samatha - calm abiding and Vipassana - penetrative vision, are methods developed to free us from our mental tracks that create suffering, discomfort and problems of various kinds.


There will be 12  meetings from September to June 2016. As a principle the course will be every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, but there may be some changes.  The time is from 19.00 to 21.00.  

Even those who have not attended the first meetings can come!

The course is free to offer, approximately € 10 per session.

You sign up for the full course, but you can also participate occasionally. The course is open to everyone.

7,  28 October
11, 25 November
9 December
Dharma Center

Philosophical meeting "Tea with the Buddha":

The Basics of Buddhism: The Discourse of Benares

The philosophical meetings begin at 3.30 pm. During the morning (beginning at 11.30 am) the collective practices of Meditation in seven branches, the offering of the Mandala and the Meditation of Avalokitesvara (Buddha of Compassion) are celebrated. Participation in the morning and afternoon sessions is open to all and is free. Offers and / or donations are welcome (both in cash and in the form of incense, flowers, biscuits, sweets, etc.). For those who participate in both sessions it is possible to have lunch in the center.

11 October
11.00 AM-3.00  PM 
Retreat House
11 October 
10.00 AM

Tsog of Vajrayoghini

At the Sakya Ngon Ga Ling Center, Tresanti


Anyone who has received Vajrayogini initiation into the Sakya tradition can participate. Next meeting Friday 6 November. We kindly ask you to inform us of your presence.

Tsog is a puja, an offering ceremony, which has an ancient tradition. This Tsog is in the name of Vajrayogini and all dakinis, all Buddhas in female form. Everyone brings food to share and eat along with our deep self. Tsog has a great effect on our mind and in our life. We honor the enlightened aspect in us, Prajna, and offer food, drink, lights, incense, music and flowers.

The Vajrayogini tradition is of great importance in the Sakya school and comes from the lineage of Naropa, an Indian Mahasiddha who lived about 1000 years ago. All meditation practices (sadhana), Tsog etc. they come from himself and have been transmitted in an unbroken line ever since, from Master to Disciple.

We thank for this power passed down to us by our precious Masters and Masters!

Sarva Mangalam

May 21





This month we celebrate the Vesak Saka Dawa - the Birth, Enlightenment and Parinirvana of Buddha Shakyamuni - Saturday 21st May at the headquarters in Via Tresanti 108 in Montespertoli!

Vesak is one of the most important holidays in Buddhism in the world. Typically celebrated on the full moon in May. We will do a little ceremony and meditation for all sentient beings, remembering Buddha Sakyamuni and his life dedicated to freeing beings from suffering and the causes of suffering.


For info and to register you can go to our page  Facebook, write an email to:  - or call 0571-659063 / 335-482485 (Jessica) or 347-3460064 (Bert)  or visit our website:  o FB page: Sakya Ngon Ga Ling



Via Tresanti 108, Loc. Tresanti 50025 Montespertoli (FI)

Tel: 0571 659063 and 335 482485








June 12th
15.00 - 19.00

Puja and Meditation of Tara


Aimed at all who have received Green Tara initiation in the Sakya tradition. We will do the puja of all 21 forms of Tara and the sadhana of Tara with explanations of mudras, visualizations and more.


Tel: 0571-659063 or 335-482485

      And  347-3460064


October December

Cireglio Castle

Here are the activities taking place in Castello di Cireglio / Pistoia in the coming months:

At the end of October a course of * Samatha Meditation * (meditation of clear calm) starts, open to everyone, even beginners, which is the basis for then being able to continue with the Vipassana Meditation (meditation of internal vision). The course at the Sakya Ngon Ga Ling retreat house in Cireglio Castle consists of six lessons which take place on Thursdays from 19.30 to 21 and will have a monthly deadline (with the exception of December). The course is based on a Tibetan work fundamental for meditation: "The ocean of definitive wisdom" by Wangchuck Dorje, the IX Karmapa, who lived in the 1600s and on the comments of the great Lama Kagyu Khenchen Thrangu Rimpoche, who - while very old - continues to teach in Vancouver Canada.
The schedule for this course is as follows: Thursday 29 October - course start, Thursday 26 November, Thursday 14 January, Thursday 11 February, Thursday 10 March, Thursday 7 April - last lesson. Thursday 12 May is the possible recovery date if you miss a lesson, for example due to bad weather or other. For those who miss one of the lessons, it is possible to recover it by individually agreeing the date.
For more info and registration you can contact us by e-mail, facebook or by calling 347-3460064 (Bert). Places are limited and there will be no more than 8 participants for each course.

The * "Tea with the Buddha" *, the in-depth meetings of Buddhist Philosophy, also resume, always in the Pistoia location, always monthly and on Sunday afternoon. This year the themes will be mainly two. The first theme will be the four Maras, which are the great obstacles on the path of spiritual development, which we will talk about in four meetings. These meetings alternate with others dedicated, instead, to the reading and discussion of one of the most beautiful and profound works of Buddhism: Shantideva's Bodhicaryavatara. 
This trend will continue next year to be able to read the entire text and have time to reflect on the various levels of meaning of this great work. This is the expected timetable:
Sunday 1st November: Introductory meeting on Buddhist Philosophy
Sunday 29 November: Meeting on the Mara and mental obstacles
Sunday 20 December: Beginning of the reading of the Bodhicaryavattara
Sunday 31 January: Meeting on the Mara and mental obstacles
Sunday 21 February: Reading of the Bodhicaryavattara
Sunday 20 March: Meeting on the Mara and mental obstacles
Sunday 17 April: Reading of the Bodhicaryavattara
Sunday 15 May: Meeting on the Mara and mental obstacles
Sunday 19 June: Reading of the Bodhicaryavatara
These meetings are open to all, with free donations and take place at the Castello di Cireglio headquarters. You can also invite friends and people interested in Buddhist themes. Before coming to the center, check that the dates have not been moved by calling or looking on the website / Facebook page.


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